In 2019, Sofia Tech Park contacted us to join them in organizing a new startup conference, Investum Supersonic. Our task was creating a full visual identity that reflected the nature and spirit of the event. The audience was niche - entrepreneurs and investors - as the purpose of the event was bridging the gap between starting companies and funding, exchanging know-how and supporting the Bulgarian startup community.

The Take-Off

We were lucky to board the ship early on, just as the team was formulating the concept behind this initiative. The conference would serve as the rocket fuel entrepreneurs need to succeed.The concept of “space launching” was a brilliant fit to the innovative and tech-savvy organizational culture. The slogan “Break the barrier” amplified the notion of meeting startups with investors to exponentially accelerate business growth.

The Journey

The event's exciting and relevant mission inspired us to give our best when building the visual framework. We came up with a logo that symbolizes a startup’s journey: there might be many bumps and turns in the beginning (represented by the S shape), but hard work and a bit of help can bring on a successful take-off (represented by the scale).​​​​​​​

With the space launch in mind, we took inspiration from Aaron Draplin's poster tribute to 2011's NASA Space Shuttle Programme, and adopted his color scheme. The fresh bright colors screamed “Houston, we have lift-off”.  ​​​​​​​

Media Corner & Banner
Invitation letter
Other usage
The Resolution 
We developed the visual concept further in various print and digital materials. The website, social media content, badges and banners all worked together to set the right mood on the day of the conference: ambitious, vigorous, out of the box.

THANK YOU!​​​​​​​
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