In business, as in life, luck can turn. When things go south, it’s up to business owners to take action or change course, so that the winds start blowing in their favor.
The Take-Off

A few years back, a new grocery fruit & veggies shop opened in our neighborhood. It quickly became our favorite place for fresh, locally produced groceries, handpicked by a seller, who always offered to try it before you buy it. He lovingly and carefully selected what goes on his shelves, but struggled with sales. 

One afternoon, the owner told us he is thinking about closing. He couldn’t compete with the well-known shops in the hood. We offered to help him out by improving the shop’s look and feel.​​​​​​​
The Journey

Our goal was to show what made this place truly special. We chose a classic approach and placed the owner at the heart of the brand. We named the shop Фермерь to emphasize local production.

We came up with a visual language that was as fresh as a new batch of cucumbers in early july: clean logo for the clean products, naturally attentive to details, as the wheat detail in the first letter, in the company of natural materials.
Then, we did a full revamp of the shop. What was previously a grim and cluttered shed now looked inviting, tidy and homely. A place you would trust to buy what you put on your table. We also helped with fundamental tips and mentoring on customer service, product arrangement and sales.​​​​​​​
The  Resolution

What was previously a business before closing, now thrives as one of the hood’s most beloved groceries. The owner expanded further into meat & dairy, offering more product variety with impeccable quality. 
Thank you!
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