A strong brand can make a huge difference for the faith of a business, especially in the field of beauty. Every day, the market sees new cosmetic brands that rely on a tasty look or a powerful message rather than on product innovation or distinctiveness. 

This was not the case with Glowceuticals, a German brand for professional skincare. The first time we met, we were struck by the founders’ passion and expertise, but it was evident they needed help to grow a stronger brand.
The Take-Off​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The company had a favorable market position, a solid partners’ network and top-notch products. They planned on expanding their business to the end-user. So much for the good news. They also shared some serious concerns:

 •  their social media investments brought marginal, short-term results
 •  attracting new professional clients grew more difficult every day
 •  some copycats entered their market niche;
 •  their partners did not invest the same effort when communicating with clients;
 •  their online communication was chaotic, inconsistent and generic.

In short, Glowceuticals had an immense potential, but something kept them from moving forward. And there it was, our most difficult task: to convince them that the solution to all their problems was to understand their professional and end customers and to build a strong brand, which answers their needs and brings their partners together. We also recommended updating the visuals, which did not reflect the product quality or consumers’ expectations. 

You can see that the overall look and feel of the brand did not match the products' impeccable quality. 
At the time, the logo itself lacked simplicity and legibility. The need for redesign was evident at first sight.
The Journey

Our expedition in the universe of beauty started with exploration of the German market and global industry trends. We learned a lot about local competitors and consumer habits. We talked with some of Glowceuticals’ partners and clients. We even delved into the closed Facebook groups of German beauticians. Our thorough analysis allowed us to recommend a few strategic guidelines for the brand to follow: 

 •  speak to the ordinary women, but stay relevant for professionals
 •  maintain the expert reputation by sharing knowhow and experience
 •  invest in activities that support the professional community
 •  earn consumers’ trust by showing the brand’s human face - make the founder visible
 •  effectively use the partners’ network in online communication to grow the brand’s impact 
    and credibility

We also identified a few client segments across professionals and end-users. This customer segmentation helps the team modify their offers and marketing activities to cater to specific customer needs. Most importantly, it gives them comfort and confidence to know who they are talking to and how to provide value. 

Finally, together with Glowceuticals’ core team we distilled what makes their brand different and what moves it forward. We listed the top priorities and configured an action plan for the future. Everyone left motivated and with a clear idea of what to do next. The next step for us was coming up with the visual identity. 

First and foremost, the brand look had to convey trust and reflect the brand promise for quality products and flawless expertise. We chose a masculine font (Heron Sans) to instill a sense of safety. We then softened the overall impression by adding gentle colors and natural elements. We used plenty of white space to get a clean minimalist feeling, but avoided looking too sterile with floral motives and human presence. We selected confident, natural women, who obviously felt good in their skin. The logo depicted the feminine glow that comes from within.

The Resolution
We gathered Glowceuticals’ values and principles in a brandbook and transferred the brand mantra across the network. We included specific guidelines for the visual language and tone of voice to improve communication consistency. We gave the team some tips on their social media communication and equipped them with suitable messages, topics and formats that would engage end-users and professionals alike.​​​​​​​

The time for major rebranding came with the launch of Glowceuticals’ new product line and covered all existing communication channels. We produced new packaging, replaced all printed materials across Germany and upped the game in social media with cool new visuals. We even branded Glowceuticals headquarters. In the months to follow, online communication was no longer limited to blunt product posts, but now engaged followers with valuable, informative and emotionally appealing content, served directly by the founder. Although it is difficult to measure the real effect of our work in a time of pandemic that turns the whole industry upside down, our fellow beauticians agree that we jump-started the brand.

We had the rare opportunity to develop this project from scratch and to change an established brand from the core. We are grateful for the vote of trust!
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