There are so many underwater rocks on the path to success. 

Fear and doubt of the unknown often make business owners hesitant to dream big, set high goals, risk and experiment
But imagine if all great explorers gave into such fears.
History has proven that with knowledge, perseverance and smart moves, there are no limits to what we can achieve. 
Our task is to inspire our clients to realize that  confidence and ambition (where reasonably planted) and a good strategic plan, are the winds in the sails toward business growth.
The Take-off
Kulinaren gradinar (Culinary gardener) came to us knowing that his microgreens business can do better
He is a pioneer and an innovator on the Bulgarian microgreens market, offering high quality and great variety of microgreens. 

But COVID-19 drove down his sales at the farmers’ market and pushed away his target clients, professional chefs.

The gardener”, as we soon came to call him, knew it was high time to boost his brand. 
He wanted an appealing visual appearance and a structured approach toward his clients to increase sales.

The Journey

We analysed local and international competitors and sought out good practices in communication and visual identity. 
The research led us to advise him to expand his efforts to the end consumers, while keeping the focus on professionals
It was an ambitious change of perspective, but he was the right person to pursue it, being a driving force on the local market.

We worked together to derive the brand’s positioning, value proposition, goals and values. 
In the process, many ideas for reaching new and existing clients came to surface. 
One of them was expanding the product portfolio by creating a DIY set - an idea that he incorporated almost immediately.
​​​​​​​We created a simple and elegant logo, designed to catch the viewer’s eye with its character, while being on the minimal side. We incorporated it in a visual language that brought forward the products’ natural origin and rich taste​​​​​​​
To make the brand visible, we advised on creating a web platform, introducing the brand and product advantages and allowing for online orders
We also developed a communication strategy that brings light to the microgreens universe, posting insights from the grow-lab, culinary recipes, health benefits and more.​​​​​​​
The Resolution
Working with innovative, authentic businesses, who put their product quality first always brings a sense of purpose and delight to what we do. Partnering with entrepreneurs, who dare to push the boundaries and strive to achieve more, motivates us even further to do our best and help them succeed​​​​​​​
We are eager to see what comes next for our favorite gardener and his fresh batch of goods and ideas.

Thank you!

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