We consider ourselves connoisseurs when it comes to dessert, but a piece of Marashlian pastry cake stunned us with its harmony of flavors, original look and elegant textures. 
It was simply a new read on artisan pastry. And we were the ones to come up with the visuals. 
Few opportunities are as crunchy as this one! 
The Take-Off
Maya Marashlian came to us with a visual identity brief by the book. Not only did she have an in-depth understanding of the category, the competitors and the customer she targets, she also envisioned a clear path for her brand and business.
The bar was high - we had to produce the best visual representation that suits the product and contributes to 
Marashlian pastry’s bright future.

Thе visual language had to meet some clear requirements: 
 - it distinctly places the brand in the luxury segment;
 - it gives off the products’ characteristic minimalist vibe;
 - the MM initials are integrated within the logo;
 - it plays around with the category;
 - it’s delicious.

The Journey
We drooled for days while digging for best practices in the field. We rolled up our sleeves and dove into the search for a visual sign that matches the brief’s criteria, as well as our own. On the way we dropped a few courses that had something missing. We stumbled for days on an idea that we liked and developed fully, but finally abandoned it. Its oriental core was better suited for the baklava counter than for a gourmet cake stand.  
After an uncomfortable creative block, the idea grabbed the pencil and appeared on paper. Despite the clumsiness of the first sketch, we all agreed this is it. The sign checked all the requirements and was immediately associated with the distinct taste and look of Marashlian pastry.

From there, it was a piece of cake. We chose sophisticated  color palette and clean fonts, we polished the shape and made it dynamic. We produced a set of visualizations of different materials to test the overall concept. 

The Collateral
By principle, we try our best to get in our client's shoes and see their perspective. That is why, we showcase our branding proposal in different scenarios. This allows our client to envision the idea clearly and to see how it would live in reality. We visualized some relevant materials for Marashlian pastry to prove our overall concept. The feel was just right: style, craftsmanship, luxury, substance. Nothing in excess.

The Resolution
Marashlian pastry now thrives online. Its social media launch was a big success, abundantly syroped with positive virtual reactions and quite a massive organic engagement. We are glad that we have heard only positive words for the brand visuals and we can’t wait to show you some more. 
It was a pleasure taking part of the launch of such a worthy product.

We wish Marashlian pastry smooth sailing ahead!

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