The possibility to play a part in someone’s dream is what we love most about our jobs as brand designers and strategists. Having an impact in the public sector is even more exciting. With bigger scale and visibility, our responsibility grows immensely, and so does the satisfaction of positive results.
The Take-Off

​​​​​​​Byala Municipality contacted us to help them with branding a new cultural space in town. The place offered a multitude of activities under one roof: regional museum, cinema, arts & exhibitions hall and cafe. We were hired to create a complete and consistent image reflecting the spirit and purpose of the space, and to provide guidelines for attracting tourists and locals to visit.
The Journey

We analyzed the most renowned art galleries and museums, fished out cool websites, catchy launch campaigns and astonishing rebranding results. To prosper, a cultural space needs to have: 
- consistent design that is visually appealing, contextual and meaningful; 
- clear and truthful purpose, relevant to potential visitors and the local community;
- regular initiatives that keep the place buzzing.​​​​​​​

We spent two days working closely with the Municipality team, learning about the history and heritage of their town, about current endeavours and future plans. To our delight, the people we met were extremely positive, motivated, creative and, most importantly, ready to turn ideas into actions. Together we profiled different visitors’ needs and wants and came up with a long list of possible initiatives that would attract tourists and entertain locals. We chose the name Art Center Byala and agreed on a short and simple mission statement: 
Preserving the past. 
Creating the present. 
Working for the future.

Having a powerful and truthful brand essence made shaping Art Center Byala’s visual identity a very pleasant and productive process.

We depicted three arches of the emblematic Byala bridge in the logo, representing the trinity of past, present and future. We constructed a system of symbols, creating a visual element for each area of the art center. We picked a combination of black and bright yellow, signifying the educational, yet entertaining nature of the brand. We proved the visual impact by presenting a wide variety of branded materials and merchandise.

As the launch neared, we built the Art Center’s website and a communication strategy, providing guidelines for social media content, ad and PR campaigns. We wanted to make sure this cultural space does not turn into one of those neglected institutions nobody cares for. That’s why we developed practical tools for organizing and managing various initiatives - photo contests, art exhibitions, game nights, arts & crafts workshops, outdoor lessons for school kids and more. The art center promised to turn into the beating heart of Byala, attracting travellers to take a break from the road and creating a vibrant social space for locals to enjoy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Resolution 

Art Center Byala is now open to visitors. It has already established itself as locals’ top choice for a nice time with friends and family. The museum and movie halls buzz with guests, curious to learn about Byala’s history and heritage. Make sure to stop by if you ever pass nearby.

Thanks for watching & appreciating!​​​​​​​
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